In a humanistic society, a family constitute a group of two or more people related by consanguinity (by birth), affinity (by other relationships of marriage) or by adoption or living together. The main objective of having a family is that they maintain the welfare of its members and community. A family gives safety and structure to its members when they mature they participate in the fellowship.
A family comprises two or more people who share similar values and goals, possess a long-term commitment, and usually live in the same house.

What makes a family?

A standard or a traditional family is made up of a father, mother and two children. However, the family standards differ from that of the twenty-first century to the nineteenth century. In the present world, a child is raised by a single parent (under some circumstances such as death or divorce), grandparents, or by invert parents. The basic definition of what makes a family comprises of children and parents. Nonetheless, this is not the only definition of what everyone thinks is a family for a person; a family could be their pets, their friends who are their family. To treat your family even better, you might want to look into playing บาคาร่า online.
Pets as a family – For an existing family, a pet also becomes a part of the family or even more. They add a component of responsibility, especially for children. Pets are loved and cherished as affectionately as children by couples who do not have or decide not to have any kids. Pets like cats and dogs are loved dearly and are mourned when they slip away.
Friends as a family – Many people consider their close friends as a family or maybe more than their extended family. Some people create special bonds with friends based on similar matches and interests and start considering them as a family as a replacement or improvement to a needed family structure if they lost someone close to them in their family.

Importance of family relationships

Our stability, well-being and mental growth depend on our family:-
Having a family makes you feel connected to each other, and it also makes you feel safe by creating a secure environment.
Having a family means you always have somebody on your side in your bad times and helps you endure your anxiety and stress.
Having a family means you have people who will love you, protect you, and keep you safe despite your shortcomings.
Family is the primary source of teaching a kid about relationships.   Kids raised in a well-nurtured family are victorious in forming better bonds in society.
A strong relationship will teach you how to build trust as a family shares both bad and good times collectively.

A strong family has good communication; they show affection and care for each other, spend time together and have a sense of togetherness; they support each other in tough times and see that situation as a chance for growth. A strong family relationship is what you need to face every challenge and difficulty in life.