Online tools such as can have a big impact on your productivity. They can save you a lot of time every week.


Evernote, a multi-purpose note taking tool, features a mobile application and web access. It also has an integrated search function. It offers users a variety templates to help them get organized. You can also use it to record audio and save files. The WYSIWYG editor lets you format text and insert pictures. It also allows you to add tags, which are similar to hashtags, to your notes. These tags will help you find notes in future. For example, you can create a tag for ingredients when recording a recipe. Evernote suggests tags as you type.

Another feature of Evernote is that it allows you to create shortcuts for notes, notebooks, and notebook stacks. These shortcuts sync across your devices. This can be a huge time saver, especially if you use complicated searches frequently.

The Web Clipper browser extension is another time-saving tool. It lets you capture information from webpages and save it in Evernote, with the added ability to highlight important parts of a page. It also integrates Google Search, making it easier to locate notes and clipped pages.

A useful feature is to create reminders of upcoming events. The app can be synced to a calendar. This could save you time, as it will put your meetings at the same location as your research or other tasks.

Otter AI

Otter AI is an excellent tool for students, educators, and business professionals. Its real-time transcript service and speaker recognition features save time because they eliminate the need to manually take notes. It allows you to share your transcriptions with others, which makes collaboration easier.

It has excellent accuracy and can even recognize words with specialized vocabulary. The app can also transcribe video/audio content, which is particularly helpful for meetings and interviews. Its main drawback is its limited audio quality, which can cause problems in big spaces with lots of echo and background noise. The tagging feature lets you assign names and other information to the speakers in a conversation. You can then find a specific part of a transcript.

Otter AI’s ability to capture the information spoken in a conference call or meeting is another great feature. This saves time by reducing the need to assign a dedicated notetaker and eliminates the possibility of missing key points. It can also be used to create action items and summary documents. The software has been integrated with popular online conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. It also allows co-workers collaborate in real-time by offering channels and direct messages.

Some people find it difficult to take notes by themselves. You might find it difficult to put your thoughts on paper, whether you’re a verbal or visual learner. Otter AI solves these problems by allowing users to record meetings and transcribe class notes. Its voice recognition and tagging capabilities can also reduce the amount of time spent editing.


Boomerang, a Gmail scheduling app, helps you to take control of your email inbox. It is designed to improve productivity and save you time. It allows you to schedule meetings and track your response rate. You can also send reminders. It will also let you know if your email has been read, so you can follow up with the person.

The meeting scheduling features of this software save you and your guests valuable time by eliminating double bookings and typos. It supports multiple calendars, zoom and Google Meet integration, dual time zones, and more. It allows you to share a schedule of your availability and busyness without leaving email.

If you’re interested in learning more about the productivity tools on offer, you can try out the free version of Boomerang for Gmail or download the extension from Shift. After installing it, you will notice a new button in the compose bar.

Boomerang takes messages out of your inbox until you need them, preventing them from falling into the inbox black hole. You can also reschedule email at any time. This includes when you are on holiday or out of office. This feature reduces your email overload, allowing you to focus on the most important tasks. Additionally, it can also help you get your inbox under control by removing messages that have been sent to the spam folder.


Traditional expense reports take a lot more time. Employees must save receipts, manually classify them, complete spreadsheets, and then submit for approval. This can lead to a delay in reimbursements. Expensify streamlines the process by automating all of the expense management workflow. Using this platform, employees can create and submit expense reports in seconds. The reports can be sent to managers automatically for review and approval. The software is also integrated with QuickBooks. This makes it easier to collect and track spending data.

Software can be used by small businesses, individuals and even large corporations. Its Collect plan, which costs about $5 per user per month, includes unlimited SmartScans, free Expensify credit cards for each user, custom coding and tax monitoring, and automatic expense reporting. It allows users to import receipts and credit card information from websites. Expensify supports multiple currencies, ensuring compliance with local regulations. It also offers advanced policy enforcement, a customizable multistage approval workflow and advanced policy enforcement.

Expense reporting is a necessary but tedious part of any business. Automated solutions and app integrations make it easier. New Expensify lets you automatically record expenses, by importing receipts directly from mobile apps, such as Lyft or Uber. You’ll receive reimbursements within the same day. It can also connect to accounting systems and HR software, and provide real-time insight into company finances.


Pocket is a service that allows you to save articles, videos, and other web content on your smartphone or tablet for later reading. Its primary mission is to help users keep up with the wealth of valuable content that is published on the Web each day, including articles, forum threads and video links. It has features that make it stand out from other services. One of these is its tag search. This puts it ahead Instapaper.

It also syncs between devices and web browsers. Its cross-platform apps include a web browser, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and a Chrome and Firefox extension. Users can also send Pocket content to friends through email.

Pocket is unique in that it allows you to highlight your saved items and add notes. This makes it easier to remember important details and outlines, which can be helpful when planning for a test or writing a paper. Note that these features require a subscription and are not available to free users.

Zapier is another great way to connect Pocket to other apps. For example, you can use a Zap to automatically save new RSS items into Pocket, or you could create tasks in your project management app when you click on a link in your Twitter feed. Zapier allows you to send yourself and others a digest containing your Pocket items via email every day, week or month.


StayFocusd helps users to block distracting websites, and work more effectively. Its features enable users to set time limitations on specific websites or days. They can also block content within the page (such as images, videos, games and forms). This software encourages self-accountability, and helps users become aware of their online browsing habits. Its transparent approach encourages students to be productive and cultivate healthy study and work habits throughout the schoolyear.

StayFocusd can be used on a desktop computer or as an add-on for a web browser. It is simple to install and compatible with most Chrome editions. Its customizable settings let users choose a daily website time limit and block certain sites on weekends. It can be used to block websites on a desktop computer, and only allow access to them from mobile devices that are not connected to the Internet.

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