The classic diamond stud is a timeless style that can be worn with everyday looks as well as special events. It’s an excellent choice for those who have multiple earrings in their ears. They can be stacked with other earrings for a trendy stacked look.

A pair of diamond earrings with a high cut grade from will sparkle and be very bright. To achieve this look for diamonds of a good grade.

Simple and Timeless

Diamond studs are elegant and simple. They can be worn for any occasion. They dress up casual outfits, shine brightly with summer dresses, and complement evening gowns paired with large necklaces. They can also be worn on their own as a statement piece to add a pop of style and turn heads – just like trendsetter Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex. But while a pair of diamond studs may look straightforward, there’s much more to consider when shopping for them.

If you’re buying a pair of diamond studs, it’s important to select one with a high quality of craftsmanship and a reputable source. Whether you are buying in a jewelry shop or online, insist on seeing the diamonds with their GIA Diamond Grading Report. You can be sure that the diamonds will be of the highest possible quality and the stud earrings you choose will be exactly what you want.

When choosing a pair diamond stud earrings, it is best to focus on the other 4Cs rather than the carat weight. Carat weight is important because it impacts a diamond’s sparkle and brilliance, but it should be a secondary consideration to the diamond’s overall quality. A poorly cut diamond that has little fire or scintillation is dull and lifeless no matter how many cars it has.

All diamonds need to be cut well, but stud earrings are especially important. The shape of a diamond is responsible for much of its brilliance. A diamond with a good-quality cut will have the proportions and symmetry needed to create a brilliant sparkle.

The cut of a pair may be more important to you than any other factor in selecting a pair. Choosing a pair with an excellent or very good cut grade from GIA will ensure that your diamonds sparkle and shine with the brilliance, beauty, and value you expect. GIA’s diamond cut grading system is the gold-standard for excellence. The grading is based on the dimensions of the stone, their proportion, and the arrangement or its facets.


Whether you’re wearing them on a daily basis or adding sparkle to your evening attire, diamond stud earrings can be worn with virtually anything. This versatility makes diamond stud earrings an essential part of every woman’s jewelry collection. A pair is also the perfect gift for any special occasion.

The design of the earring is also important, as it has to be comfortable enough for everyday wear. If you want to ensure that the earrings sit securely on your ears, choose a flat-back rather than a screwed-on back. Screw backs can be difficult to put on and remove, and they can irritate the earlobe over time. Flat backs can be more comfortable and protect the gems from damage.

The metal used to set the earring is another important factor. The color of the metal is important, even if it doesn’t seem like much. It can make or break the comfort level of the earring for the wearer. Some people find yellow gold more comfortable than white or rose. A person who is sensitive to metal can also benefit from choosing a nickel-free option, as this will be less likely to cause irritation.

Although the quality guidelines for diamond studs are less strict than for rings, you should still consider the clarity of your stones. The inclusions and blemishes that are present in diamonds with lower clarity are less noticeable because stud earrings may be hidden by a cascade or hair. These imperfections of higher quality can also allow you allocate more money to the other C’s resulting in an impressive diamond stud set for a lower price.

Finally, a discerning shopper will also be interested in examining the earring back options. Most studs are held in place by push backs. These simply slide onto the straight earring post, and hold it in place with friction. If the earring weighs more or is larger than usual, you will need a stronger back to keep it from drooping. Screw backs offer greater security than push-backs, but they are more difficult to attach and remove.


While the basic concept of these iconic jewelry pieces may seem simple, there are many considerations when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of stud earrings for yourself or as a gift. A few of the most important are metal color, weight, and wearer allergy.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid gold-plated or yellow gold-filled jewelry because the yellow tint can alter the look and feel of the diamonds. For a more elegant and refined look, select platinum- or white-gold-framed stud earrings. The higher specific gravity of platinum means the stud earrings will have a heavier, more substantial feel than their gold counterparts, even with the same earring design.

The shape of the stone is also important. Round diamonds are the classic choice for a stud earring, but other options include princess, oval, and heart-shaped studs. The facet arrangement in each diamond cut creates an unique effect when lit, so choosing the right one to suit your earring style can be crucial. Princess cuts, for example, are more edgy due to their square shape than the classic round shape. The modified brilliant in a Princess-cut diamond provides exceptional sparkle and brilliancy.

While color isn’t always a factor when choosing a pair of studs for a woman, it’s still important to consider as even the slightest variation in color can have a significant impact on their appearance and price. Choose a diamond with a GIA Diamond Grading Report for a more accurate and consistent color rating.

The final part of the puzzle is earring settings. This can affect the visual appeal and durability of the studs. Choose a setting with a minimal amount of metal to maximize the brilliance of the diamonds and keep them safe from damage.


When it comes to jewelry, few pieces are as classic and beautiful as a pair of diamond stud earrings. This timeless style is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking for a gift or adding to your collection. It’s important to select a pair of earrings that will last, and also fit your style. Luckily, SuperJeweler has a wide selection of gorgeous lab-grown diamond stud earrings to suit every taste and budget.

Decide how big you want your studs. While 1 carat is the most common size, smaller options make a statement.

After deciding on your preferred size, consider other important aspects such as the cut, color and clarity. Although the quality standards for diamond studs are less strict than those for rings, it is still important to prioritize certain characteristics.

The cut of a diamond has a major impact on its sparkle, fire and brilliance. This is why it’s important to consider when choosing a pair of studs. The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape used for studs, as it provides maximum light reflection and sparkle. However, many shoppers prefer other shapes such as Asscher or princess cut diamonds, which offer unique shapes with their own distinct appeal.

Similarly, when buying stud earrings, it is important to consider the color of diamond. While white diamonds tend to be preferred because of their purity and brightness there are many other colors available including pink, yellow, and brown. No matter what color you choose, make sure the diamonds are conflict-free and lab-grown.

Another factor to consider is the type of metal. Gold and platinum are the most common options for a pair of studs. These precious metals may be mixed with other metals like copper, silver and palladium in order to increase strength and durability. The amount of metal in stud earrings can have an impact on how they feel.

Invest in screw-back posts to ensure that your studs remain secure throughout the day and night. These are grooved posts with a screw that securely snaps into place on the end of the post, making them more durable and secure.