When I was living in my car, the biggest trouble for me was having a meal. I had to endure weeks of bread and cream cheese, because I had no idea what else I could eat without cooking. Eating out wasn’t an option either since it would cost me $20 a day just to keep myself from being hungry but now, I found oncapan.com and playing casino games on here helped me financially. So I had to find a solution. I found I could cook pasta with just a microwave! Here is how:

What you’ll need:
1. Microwave safe container
2. Access to a microwave (mine was college cafeteria or gas station)
3. Mini farfalles
4. Marinara of your choice
5. Shredded cheese of your choice
6. Water

Step 1:
Pour the farfalles into the container and fill it with water until all farfalles are completely submerged in water.

Step 2:
Let farfalles and water sit there for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 3:
Carefully extract the water out of the farfalles. You will find the farfalles have soften because it absorbed water. The color, however, is lighter than if boiled under the stove.

Step 4:
Pour Marinara sauce on the farfalles and shredded cheese.

Step 5:
Put them all in the microwave and turn it on for about 1-2 minutes.

Step 6:
Carefully remove your delicious pasta. Bon appetit!

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You can use different types of games in an educational environment. These include board, card and video games. They can also be classified into different categories such as education-related or serious games.

Online games can be a great way for children to learn new skills and have fun. They can also keep them busy when they are not in school or at home.

Many games can be used to teach science, math, and English. These games can be played on both computer and mobile devices. Some of these games can be downloaded for free while others might cost a small amount.

For instance, a game called Civilisations AR lets kids paint pictures and explore history with augmented reality. It also offers a range of different features, including audio guides and unique features.

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Online learning games are becoming increasingly popular with children. They offer a balanced curriculum, and are a great alternative to school programs. They are designed to inspire and empower children and encourage them to be fearless learners.


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Since its inception, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular online multiplayer game. It’s an addictive card-based online game that allows you to battle it out with other players in an effort to become the most powerful ruler in the world.